Oct 15 2013

Maponics Announces Release of Neighborhood Boundaries 1.8.1

Highest quality neighborhood map data has been updated and is now available for companies serious about local search.

Norwich, VT - Maponics announced today the latest release of their professional-grade neighborhood boundaries data, version 1.8.1. For companies serious about providing the best local search, Maponics offers several benefits:

  • Robust customer support
  • A money back guarantee
  • Quarterly updates, that include additional cities with each release
  • Data for over 350 cities, built by experts
  • ZIP Code correspondence files
  • Over 20 fields of additional geographic attributes
  • Versions that include the neighborhood center point for faster performance in some applications

"We know that your customers demand a high-quality experience from you, to keep them from leaving your site and going to your competitors." says Steve Zuckerman, Director of Mapping and Data Operations at Maponics. "Every version of Maponics' neighborhood data is put through a rigorous quality control process. It's easy to integrate and you won't need to make time intensive data corrections on your end. Because of this, the total cost of ownership is actually lower than it is for solutions that may appear to be low cost or free."

Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries are used by large companies and startups in real estate, local search, wireless geotargeting, online directories, and many more Web 2.0 applications. Because these industries demand the highest level of quality and service, Maponics only relies on expert data sources when creating neighborhood boundaries. Instead of looking to customers to make and submit data corrections, or seeking ad-hoc crowdsourcing, Maponics has a team of cartographers working on neighborhood data maintenance and improvement every day. Maponics also has an expert trade-in program so companies that may have already compiled highly accurate neighborhood map data can profit from their work.

Neighborhood boundaries data is available in various formats: WKT, ESRI® shapefile, MapInfo® tab, and custom. For organizations simply needing a PDF map rather than a neighborhood map database, custom maps with neighborhoods are available from the Maponics Online Store.

Call Maponics today at 800-762-5158 to discuss how high quality neighborhood map data can improve your business.

About Maponics

Maponics specializes in mapping services for businesses and polygonal map data. America's largest corporations entrust Maponics with their mapping and data needs - including 20 percent of the Fortune 500. Maponics is located in Norwich, Vermont, with customers throughout the U.S. and Canada.