Mar 15 2016

Maponics Expands Vermont Team to Meet Growing Customer Demand

White River Junction, VT – March 15, 2016– Maponics, a market leader in location-based content, is not only celebrating being ahead of their planned 2016 roadmap, they are also expanding their operation to address continued growth.  

In the last two months, the Vermont-based company has promoted two employees to new roles: Chris Mabey was promoted from Sales Engineer to Customer Service Manager, and Seth Dunn moved from Product Development Specialist to GIS Business Development Coordinator.  Additionally, the company has recently posted four new roles for hire to fill growing needs, including positions for a sales administrator, a technical support specialist, a product-marketing specialist, and a senior account executive.

The new roles bring together integral Maponics staff, such as customer service technical and product support with business development. Whereas in the past, these groups of professionals were separate, the newly created roles offer more opportunity for collaboration and proactivity, helping to keep ahead of customer requirements and industry trends.
“We are dedicated to remaining true to the standards that have been valued by our customers since the beginning,” said Maponics CEO Dan Adams. “In light of our continued growth and expansion, we want our customers to recognize that the treatment and service they have come to expect will only continue to improve.”
In-house customer service and technical teams will focus primarily on customer support, including maintaining effective customer service for all internal and external Maponics’ customers with in-depth knowledge of company products and programs. The business development, industry, and product teams will research and identify opportunities and communicate with customers and prospects.  Collectively, all will contribute to the newfound synergy by working together with respective Maponics personnel to discover new solutions and deliver superior service.

“Bringing together departments into a cohesive environment is something we feel will have a huge impact on accuracy and satisfaction with our overall customer experience,” Adams added.

Technology was also recently improved to help further organize and assist the team as a whole. Enhancements around customer relationship management software as well as integration of a customer feedback platform are now being utilized, aiding the company’s ability to manage customer interactions, receive real-time product updates, track support, synchronize sales, and forward pertinent information to the necessary representatives and contacts in the field.

Maponics products are licensed for business use through their online distribution channels and sales and marketing efforts. Their main products include neighborhood, school, and postal boundaries.

About Maponics

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