Oct 15 2013

Maponics Releases 20,000 Neighborhood Boundaries

Maponics Neighborhood Boundary Data Coverage Increases by Over 30%

Norwich, VT - Maponics, LLC announced today the largest one time addition of neighborhoods to its neighborhood boundary data, expanding coverage by over 30% in a single data release. Now local search, real estate, social media and other Web-based companies have access to the best neighborhood data on the market for more than 400 US cities. Also introduced with this release is a new hierarchy system offered exclusively by Maponics that breaks neighborhoods into 3 types: neighborhoods, macro-neighborhoods and sub-neighborhoods, for more accurate search and mapping.

This news follows a string of announcements from new Maponics Neighborhood Data customers - including, Redfin, Roost, HelloMetro, CitySquares,, and others - as Maponics takes the market leading position in neighborhood map and search data.

"Several third-party evaluations of our data have rated it the best source of neighborhood boundaries for the US. And that was before this major expansion in coverage," states Steve Zuckerman, Director of Operations at Maponics. "All of our licensees get quarterly updates, so they benefit each time we make improvements. Maponics is the neighborhood data provider making the most data enhancements each quarter, and the only one itemizing these developments and openly sharing future expansion plans with customers."

In addition to high quality data, Maponics offers unparalleled services:

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed - with a full refund available within 60 days;
  • city and county boundaries provided at no extra charge with each release;
  • flexible licensing terms to accommodate a wide array of applications;
  • neighborhood and ZIP Code boundaries created and continually updated in-house (only Maponics self-sources both), for the most accurate correspondence files available;
  • data delivery in multiple formats, including web-ready formats, database-loadable formats, and traditional GIS data files;
  • a single-minded focus on expansion of features, coverage and quality - rather than on flashy public relations campaigns.

Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries is the only commercial data on the market that offers clear, single-line boundaries between neighborhoods. Zuckerman clarifies: "Other vendors hard-code standard buffers around neighborhoods, creating overlaps that make it impossible for their customers to get a definitive result. We find that users want distinct lines separating neighborhoods, allowing them to create custom buffer zones that are optimized for their application. Offering this type of maximum flexibility is very important to our customers - so that they, not we, are in control of their users' experience."

By drawing on decades of cartographic experience to ensure geometric correctness in the boundary creation process, Maponics' broad, high quality product line is dominating the field of mapping data available for marketing and local search. Adds Zuckerman, "I am excited about the expansion in our coverage achieved in this release, but I am even more excited about the advances we anticipate in the coming weeks and months. We've got a lot more planned for this product line."

Call Maponics today at 800-762-5158 to discuss how high quality neighborhood map data can improve your business.

About Maponics

Maponics specializes in mapping services for businesses and polygonal map data. America's largest corporations entrust Maponics with their mapping and data needs - including 20 percent of the Fortune 500. Maponics is located in Norwich, Vermont, with customers throughout the U.S. and Canada.