Oct 10 2014

US Demographics: Common Languages by State

Ben Blatt of Slate created a fascinating map of the most common language spoken in each US state after English and Spanish: To create the map, Blatt used data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS), which asked participants what language they speak in their homes (among other questions).



Insights and Trends

The map reveals interesting cultural and immigration trends. For example, Tagalog is the most common alternate language in California, Nevada and Hawaii because of the influx of Filipino immigrants in those states.

And the prevalence of Native American languages in certain regions – Navajo in the Southwest, Yupik in Alaska, Dakota in South Dakota – points to the influence of Native cultures there. Blatt actually created another map that shows which Native American languages are spoken throughout the country:

He also drew up maps showing the most popular Scandinavian, Indo-Aryan and African languages in the US; see them here.