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Who We Are

Maponics is a leading data company that builds and maintains geospatial data that represents key areas of interest.  We define boundaries at the local level by offering GIS boundary products - such as neighborhood boundaries, school attendance zones, shopping locations, ZIP codes,  and other real-life geographies.

These locations represent the areas where people go about their daily lives and make significant decisions such as where to live, where to shop, where to socialize, and where to send their children to school.
Who We Serve

By delivering the locally relevant boundaries that define where customers spend their time and money, Maponics is essential in industries where localized search, discovery,  and business analytics are critical to success. 

With the industry's largest inventory of precision boundaries,  our products enhance the end-user experience for web, mobile,  and social media applications.  In fact, Maponics is a behind-the-scenes asset for many high-profile marquee brands in real estate, search, direct marketing, and social media.

Over 70% of today's top commercial real estate portals, including customers like, use Maponics boundaries to enhance search filtering capabilities in order to display properties in relationship to key geographic areas.

Our Experience

Over more than fourteen years in  the geospatial industry, we have built up a team composed of some of the best and brightest spatial minds.   This level of expertise has enabled Maponics to to become a recognized market leader in building and maintaining intelligent content that is meaningful on a local level.

Our team is boundary obsessed and is relentless in its efforts to expand coverage of the areas that matter most to our customers, with close attention paid to accuracy and precision.  We seek ways to increase value for our customers and their applications of Maponics products with ongoing investment in technology and infrastructure. This allows us the ability to create cost-effective, relevant and ever-expanding data products that advance the market's access to richer geographic information.