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Tuesday Term of the Week | WGS84

WGS84, or the “World Geodetic System 1984” is a specific datum that was first modeled in 1984 and has been subsequently refined, most recently updated in 2004.  It was produced using highly-accurate readings from space, made using satellites equipped with advanced laser, radar and other complex measuring equipment.  This is the datum most frequently used today for general cartography and naviga

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Thoughts on Topology, Planar Graphs and Maponics Boundaries


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Tuesday Term of the Week | Datum

A horizontal reference datum is a mathematical model of the shape of the surface of the earth at mean sea level, used to describe the position of any exact x,y point on the planet.  A datum for the earth’s surface is created from an ellipsoid and a geoid, informed and refined using a set of actual physical points on the earth’s surface known as “control points”.  As we mention

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Tuesday Term of the Week | Boundary monument

A permanent physical object that marks an accurately surveyed point location is known as a boundary monument.  It is usually found on or near a geographic boundary and is also known as a boundary marker.  Put simply, it is an object that marks a reference point from which an area of land, from a small individual homeowner’s parcel to a vast international boundary, can be accur

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Vermont Governor Attends Maponics Technology Event

On Friday, May 8, Maponics held a technology open house, welcoming state and local media professionals and government officials, including Vermont governor, Peter Shumlin.

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Maponics School, Metro and Hospital Boundaries Released in Q2

In addition to delivering regularly scheduled updates to existing products, Maponics introduced three new products this quarter.

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