5 Killer Ways for Marketers to Leverage Telecom Maps

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phoneMost marketers who are willing to think geographically start out thinking about big geo - states or counties - and then start to think more about mid-geo, like a radius or a ZIP Code. A few sophisticated direct marketing gurus understand the value of postal carrier route mapping. But unfortunately for your clients, telecom geography is rarely considered.

Five great ways to expand your marketing services for your clients include:

  1. Routing incoming calls to the nearest stores
  2. Demographic analysis by telecom area
  3. Sales territory creation and visualization
  4. Direct marketing to specific rate centers
  5. Area Code mashups

Call Routing

If your clients have retail locations and an 800#, you can help them route their incoming calls to the nearest store. Caller ID tells you the incoming NPANXX (the first 3 digits of a phone # are the "NPA" and the next 3 are the "NXX"). Because companies like Maponics have latitude/longitude databases of NPANXX codes, assigning them to the nearest store is a snap.

cal routing data

Telecom Demographics

Often, your clients only have phone numbers of leads, not their ZIP Code. So how can they profile those callers? By correlating telecom areas to ZIP Codes, you immediately gain access to a wealth of demographics. An advantage of using GIS (mapping systems) is that you'll be able to assign the demographics proportionally for extra precision.

area code mapSales Territories

Your clients probably have some type of geographic sales or marketing territories. When you create territories taking into account area code and ZIP Code, you can tie together sales territories with time zones and maximize productivity.

Target Market to Rate Centers

Rate centers, loosely speaking, are the areas that local telephone exchange carriers use to set rates. If you offer carrier route reports by rate center, you can be one of the few providing low cost direct mail targeting to rate centers.

Area Code Mashups


Overlaying telecom boundaries in a web mashup is easier than ever before. Click here to check out an example by one of Maponics' partners. Similar applications can drive traffic to your site and increase your business flow.

These are just a few ways you can differentiate yourself from your competitors by leveraging telecom geography. Do you have other suggestions?