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Or, view our archive features a great interactive tool to help you design optimized map templates. Rather than just providing a font wizard, the site allows you to explore how topography and font interplay. This way, you learn why map templates work or don’t, and you are able to create your own templates with confidence.

Initially, you choose from four map style types (contemporary, classic, informal, formal), with three sub-styles each. This provides plenty of base options to choose from as you design a look that is pleasing to your user. Downloadable Adobe Illustrator templates and printable spec sheets are provided for easy transfer of this information to your map project.

As you explore various design options, you are also given important information. For example, the site explains how tracking works, when to use bold fonts and why the screen and print versions of a template are different. There is even a tool to search your computer for installed fonts; if the font indicated for the template you are building online is not available on your computer, will suggest alternative fonts. In addition, links are provided to several websites that offer free fonts.

The site’s creator, Ben Sheeshly, has done an excellent job providing a site that is both useful and educational. I encourage you to explore it!