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ESRI's Mapping Center is a year old and continues to expand its collection of useful cartographic information. While focusing on ESRI's ArcGIS, most of the ArcGIS-related tools and suggestions can be applied to non-ArcGIS platforms, and many non-ArcGIS resources are provided as well. Some cool features include:

Ask a Cartographer
This is a searchable database of questions sent in by users and answered by the ESRI Mapping Center Team. Equally useful are the comments left by readers in response to the ESRI sponsored solutions. Questions covered include:

• General cartographic design
• Page layout
• Data
• Cartographic effects

The Blog
Posts to the blog are not exclusively made by ESRI staff, but also include interesting reader contributions. Informative questions/answers are pulled from the “Ask a Cartographer” portion of the website as well. Topics covered include:

• Cartographic design tips
• Current mapping topics
• Unique solutions to various mapping issues

Map Library
The Map Library features seven very different sample maps with accompanying articles and tips on how various cartographic effects were manipulated to create the best map for the purpose and audience. Sample tips include:

• Creating a hierarchy of label sizes
• Presenting numeric data with proportional 3D symbols
• Rounding and presenting data values in a legend

Resource Center – ARC GIS & Other Resources
The site also offers two resource centers, one focusing on ARCGIS tools and another with universally appealing resources.

ARCGIS Resources
• Styles
• Tools, Models & Scripts
• Expression Queries & Statements
• Data

Other Resources
• Presentations
• Publications
• Other ESRI Resources
• Cartographer's Favorites

ESRI's Mapping Center offers plenty for both beginners and professionals to explore, so check it out!