Unbelievable, But True: 25% of Carrier Routes Change Each Quarter

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We periodically analyze the rate at which carrier routes change, so that we can provide accurate guidance on how frequently our customers should update their maps and reports. Each time we run these analyses on our carrier route map data (see a past analysis here), we find that the rate of change is about 10% per month.

Last quarter, we ran our analysis on USPS provided reports, in order to confirm our internal results. According to these USPS reports, there were 360,808 carrier routes with delivery areas in mid-September 2007.

Just 3 months later, 90,580 of those had been dropped, renumbered or significantly changed in coverage area. And 2,006 more routes had been added. This meant a total change of 25.7% over the quarter.

If you are doing any direct mail targeting, this high rate of change has a significant impact on your campaigns’ success. Because of this, we strongly encourage mailers to update their maps and reports at least once per quarter. You can always get the latest carrier route maps and reports from our online store.

Carrier Route Map Image