Have You Seen These USPS Direct Mail Tools? They’ll Save You Time & Money.

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Have you ever had one of those “Wow, if I had only known this existed” moments? Well unless you’re a direct mail veteran, a visit to the USPS’s Business 101 section will leave you feeling that way. There you’ll find a ton of handy tips, resources and tools to help you mail smart and make more money.

Two of the best interactive tools are the mailing Decision Tree and the direct mail Business Price Calculator. Just input the details of your mailing, and the Decision Tree (note: works best in Internet Explorer) will give you the exact USPS guidelines to follow in order to receive maximum postal discounts. Want to map out the most cost-effective mailing? The Business Price Calculator will show you, in dollars and cents, how the cost of your mailing changes depending on the number of pieces you send, the level of automation you choose and other important decisions you make.

Other cool tools and info:

  • Everything Direct Mail
  • Domestic Discount Prices and Fees Chart
  • ZIP Code Look Up
  • Mailing and Shipping Guidelines for Businesses
  • Direct Mail Research, Statistics and Advice

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