Melissa Data Names Maponics Preferred Map & Map Data Provider

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Melissa Data, a leader in direct marketing data and solutions, announced an exciting new partnership with Maponics today. Ousting one of our competitors in the process, Melissa Data has named us their preferred provider for postal maps.  Now all visitors looking for maps showing the ZIP Codes or carrier routes in their market area will be referred to the Maponics Online Store.

In addition, Melissa Data is leveraging Maponics' carrier route map data to offer direct mail customers a critical new tool.  Starting today, registered users can view the boundaries for one carrier route at a time via Melissa Data’s Free Lookups webpage.  This tool, based on MSN Virtual Earth, makes it easy to create and print maps by local street or aerial view.

Being able to see carrier route boundaries is crucial for successful direct mail campaign design. Whether by using the new single carrier route boundary mapping tool or a carrier route map showing a larger area from the Maponics Online Store, Melissa Data mailers will now have everything they need to identify target areas with confidence.  Once they do, they can easily purchase and download corresponding saturation mailing lists directly from Melissa Data's website.

We believe this will be a powerful partnership for both Maponics and Melissa Data!  For more information read the Melissa Data Press Release.