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Want to stay on top of what’s new in the blogosphere related to your industry? Planet Geospatial aggregates content from the past 2-3 days for over 50 spatial data and GIS blogs, as well as a smattering of mapping-focused ones. Think this might be too much content to weed through? Use the Planet Geospatial Scrubber to exclude blogs you don’t care about.

You may know the site’s creator, James Fee - he also runs the Spatially Adjusted blog (which, by the way, has featured some very funny images recently).

On Planet Geospatial, Fee periodically changes the roster of blogs as he discovers and ads new gems. The complete current list is always viewable from the right-hand side subscription menu.

A few included now are: Mapping Hacks, All Points Blog, The Map Room and Thinking in GIS.  Recent posts feature everything from "Election Ad Spending Map" - to -  "KML Layer Support Growing in WWJava". Check it all out at!