The Future of Mobile Search?

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Here's an interesting article by Stephanie Hobbs, Vice President of Communications for the Yellow Pages Association, talking about the short and medium-term future of local mobile search.  The article draws heavily on data from ComScore's presentation of its recent mobile search report at the Kelsey Group Interactive Local Media 2008 conference in November.  Below are some of the fascinating statistics compiled by ComScore; they cover a three-month average ending June 2007 and June 2008:

  •  Mobile search users increased 68% from 2007 to 2008
  •  In 2008, 20.8 million Americans (approximately 7%) used mobile search
  •  9.2% of mobile subscribers used mobile search in 2008

The doubling in mobile phone-based search is the result of expanded 3G penetration and smartphone adoption, the increase in flat-rate data plans and improvement to mobile search offerings, according to ComScore.  Read Ms. Hobbs' article for additional interesting local search specific statistics.