infoUSA Tells How Its New Marketing List Selection by Neighborhood Works - Step by Step

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Interested in knowing exactly how infoUSA is offering list selection by neighborhood (using Maponics data)? Read this recent post from their blog. It outlines the process step by step.

John Copenhaver; Sr. Vice President - Subscription Group at infoUSA explained why they chose Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries in this press release they issued a while back.

Here's part of what he said:

"We looked at other providers, but Maponics' quality was by far the highest. In particular, their neighborhoods have distinct boundary lines, not the overlapping ones that other company's offer. This ensures that users don't purchase duplicate copies of the same address. That can happen when boundaries are allowed to overlap and individual addresses fall into two different neighborhoods at the same time. The Maponics neighborhood data captures three levels of neighborhoods: sub-neighborhoods, neighborhoods, and macro-neighborhoods. This gives our users the flexibility to target very broad or very micro neighborhoods."

To learn more, visit our neighborhood boundaries page or email