Maponics Releases The Only API With Neighborhood, ZIP Code, and Carrier Route Boundaries

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The Maponics Spatial API is live!

You can now access high quality carrier route, ZIP Code and neighborhood data for the entire U.S., without needing to host and manage this data in-house. If you prefer to receive a complete dataset, all Maponics GIS data is also still available for quarterly delivery in SHP, KML and many other file formats.

With this news, we are proud to be the first data development company to deliver its entire neighborhood dataset via API, including all neighborhood boundaries.  Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries ™ covers over 60,000 (Q109) neighborhoods in over 2,000 U.S. cities.

Here are some of the specific queries (searches) supported by the Maponics Spatial API:

  • What is the neighborhood, ZIP Code or carrier route boundary (ready to map latitude and longitude points) surrounding a given address or location point?
  • What is the list of neighborhoods, ZIP Codes or carrier routes closest to a location point?
  • In what neighborhood, ZIP Code or carrier route does a specific latitude and longitude point or typed address fall?
  • What is the list of neighborhoods, ZIP Codes or carrier routes that fall within a city, state or radius?
  • Many moore, including custom data retrievals related to neighborhoods, ZIP Codes and carrier routes.

The image below shows the example neighborhood boundaries mashup from, the Maponics Spatial API website. Click on this image to see the mashup integrate data delivered via the API live!

To learn more about the Maponics Spatial API, read our press announcement issued today, email us at or call 800.762.5158.