Announcing Our New Full Suite of ZIP Code Data!

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We've been working hard to expand our ZIP Code data product line, and are excited to announce the launch of a new full suite of Maponics ZIP Code data today!

Trusted by the Giants

DHL, UPS, FedEX, the United States Postal Service and other mailing industry businesses have come to depend on us for postal maps, data and information, as have direct marketing giants Pitney Bowes MapInfo and D&B (Dunn and Bradstreet). In fact, Maponics is the only company the refers to for business mapping of ZIP Code data and information.

What's in the New ZIP Code Data Suite?

This new suite offers excellent options for companies looking for a ZIP Code data provider that they can trust to be in the market for the long term, especially for those concerned with accuracy, price, support and licensing flexibility. Specific datasets now available include:

  • 5-digit ZIP Code boundaries
  • ZIP+4 data (9-digit ZIP Code data)
  • Postal carrier route boundaries
  • ZIP+2 boundaries
  • ZIP Code-to-neighborhood correspondence data
  • 3-digit ZIP Code data
  • Custom postal map data

What Sets Our ZIP Code Data Apart

All Maponics postal data is updated quarterly, based upon monthly data feeds from the United States Postal Service and other sources. Unlike many providers, our postal boundaries follow streets, which allows for more precise decision making when viewing these polygons on a map. In addition, we do not over-generalize our ZIP Code data the way some suppliers do when they:

  • drop ZIP Codes that are hard to map.
  • give point ZIP Codes (for example, those assigned to P.O. boxes) non-existent polygonal boundaries, because it is easier than dealing with the reality that the U.S. Postal Service has both point ZIP Codes, and ZIP Codes with delivery areas that can be represented as polygons.

As a result of our rigorous data creation methodology, Maponics ZIP Code data is the most complete and accurate on the market, capturing all U.S. ZIP Codes, not just those that are easy to capture.

Learn More

Maponics ZIP Code datasets can be delivered in one of many file formats, including shapefile, TAB and KML, or on a transactional basis via the Maponics Spatial API.  They are easily integrated into ESRI, Pitney Bowes MapInfo and other GIS systems, as well as into web-based applications. Interested in finding out more about this new suite of ZIP Code data, or want to receive sample data?  Contact us at 800.762.5158 or email