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Now Local Search Companies Have Access to Neighborhood Boundary Data with Zoning and Social Use Information Built in, for Better Targeted Search Results

Yesterday we announced the launch of the Maponics Neighborhood Classification Schema™, a new feature embedded within the Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries™ database. Read our news release here!

Using this new schema, vertical search sites in entertainment, real estate, travel, restaurant/dining, and many other industries now have everything they need to:

  • Identify residential, commercial, industrial and mixed-use neighborhoods
  • Find neighborhoods containing theatre districts, cultural districts, museum districts, large public parks and other attractions
  • Filter neighborhoods containing subdivisions/planned communities, airports, rail yards, military bases, and mobile home/trailer parks
  • Identify all neighborhoods corresponding to a city’s downtown area
  • Recognize those neighborhoods containing hospital complexes, shopping malls, education facilities and other attributes
  • Display neighborhoods in a hierarchical way (by referring to macro-neighborhood, neighborhood and sub-neighborhood designations) for seamless zooming from the citywide view to the individual street view

Stay tuned as we continue to extend not only the number of cities and neighborhoods in the Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries database, but also the on-the-ground information available about each neighborhood.

Learn more about our new Neighborhood Classification Schema!