Twitter uses Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries

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Twitter recently announced a new Location Feature that allows their users to tag Tweets with a location.  Users who choose to enable this feature will have the choice to add their exact location (coordinates) or place (e.g. neighborhood or town).

We are pleased to be the sole provider of the global neighborhood GIS data used by Twitter to power this feature.  Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries TM are used to resolve coordinates from a mobile device or computer where the Tweets originate to a neighborhood location on a map.

Clearly, location is an important part of social networking and neighborhoods are a meaningful social and cultural reference point that help give context to everything from Tweets to real estate and local search.

To read more about how to Tweet with your location, click here.

To find out how you Maponics can help your business provide better location-based information, visit our website.