Maponics First to Provide School Attendance Zone Boundaries

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With today’s announcement of our new product line, Maponics School Boundaries, this is a big day for Maponics.  But more importantly, we see this as providing a huge advantage for our customers and partners.  By listening closely to the market and our customers, we know that School Boundaries offers companies in a variety of industries the opportunity to significantly improve their products and services and gain a competitive advantage. For the first time ever, companies—and their customers—can now see the actual school attendance zones, not just simple school districts. What is a school attendance zone?  Well sometimes called “catchment areas”, these are the geographies within a school district that define which households send their kids to which schools.  Some school districts have many schools and they draw boundary lines to determine who goes to which school. Imagine you are relocating to Miami and you have 3 kids: one in elementary school, one in middle school, and one in high school.   You have the names of a few neighborhoods and good schools that your friends have highly recommended. So, you visit your favorite real estate search web site and search on a neighborhood name. The search results still show dozens of houses but you’d like to be able to see only those within the attendance zones of your target elementary schools.  Using online map display options on the real estate web site, you click to show middle school zones and high school zones as well – because they are not always the same.  You locate the ones you are interested in and click them to shade the attendance zone boundary. After a few iterations, you can easily see all the properties for sale within your target neighborhood. In contrast, imagine trying to do this without a map boundary overlay!  We’re talking hours – and maybe even days – of time savings for the homebuyer. We are also excited to share that through our partnership with GreatSchools, we include the GreatSchools ID so that our customers can link our boundaries to the wealth of information GreatSchools has to offer.  There will be more news on this relationship in the future, but the highlight is that our business customers can combine the best geographic data from Maponics with the best attribute information on schools to create a winning platform. Of course, the value of accurate school attendance zones isn’t confined to real estate.  Marketing and advertising, social networking, and institutional entities also can improve their services by incorporating updated school districts, school location points, and school attendance zones. Our team has worked hard on this since 2009 and I personally want to thank them – and also thank all our beta customers who helped shape this new and exciting product into one that will be of immense value to several industries.