Back to School: By the Numbers

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This time of year, perhaps more than any other, reminds us of the deep connection between our homes and neighborhoods and the schools in our local communities.  Even for people who don’t have kids in school, it’s hard to miss the signs that a new school year has begun.

At Maponics, we are working with school officials on a daily basis to obtain and update the latest school district and school attendance zone maps—so, we are keenly aware of school-year cycles.  Soon, we’ll be announcing the second release (1.10.3) of the Maponics School Boundaries TM product, which will include locally-sourced boundaries of attendance zones for 34,000 public schools attended by nearly 20 million students.

Here are some cool facts (from the National Center for Educational Statistics) about K-12 education in the United Stated as the kids head out for the bus and start another year.

Public Schools

  • Students: 49.4 million
  • Schools: 99,000
  • Teachers: 3.3 million
  • Student/teacher ratio: 15.3 (down from 16.1 in 1999)
  • Annual expenditures: $540 billion
  • Ave expenditure per student: $10,792 (up from $10,297 in 2007-08)

Private Schools

  • Students: 5.8 million
  • Schools: 33,700
  • Teachers: 500,000
  • Student/teacher ratio: 12.8

School Trends

  • Kindergarten enrollment: 3,693,000 (all time high)
  • Entering 9th grade: 4,100,000 (900,000 more than graduated last year)
  • Graduating from high school in 2011: 3,273,000 (2,962,000 from public high schools, 311,000 from private ones)
  • Percentage of graduates enrolling in college immediately after high school: 70.1%
  • Drop-out rate: 8.1% (down from 11.8% in 1998)

Enjoy the quiet.