Maponics First to Offer Comprehensive ZIP+4 Database Online

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I am happy to announce that Maponics today released a nationwide database of more than 53 million nine-digit ZIP Codes (ZIP+4) through the Maponics Online Store.  While other ZIP+4 databases are available online, none are as complete in terms of the number of records and the inclusion of centroids for each ZIP+4.

Most ZIP+4 Databases offered online are simply repackaged address-range lists from the United States Postal Service (USPS).  But the USPS data groups millions of ZIP+4 codes into single records for things like blocks of post office boxes and does not include location coordinates.  Breaking out an additional 13 million ZIP+4 codes and including centroids is important information for businesses looking for a comprehensive dataset to enable granular segmentation and geo-targeting capabilities.  National and regional direct marketing firms, political campaigns and any company looking to micro-target households based on proximity can purchase the database with just a few mouse clicks.  Typically a database with this quality and coverage costs much more and is sold as part of an enterprise license.

We are excited to make it easier and more cost effective for firms looking for comprehensive ZIP+4 data to improve their direct marketing efforts.  Our new ZIP+4 offerings complement our full suite of online postal map and data products, including 5-digit ZIP Codes, Carrier Routes, and custom maps.

Maponics ZIP+4 Database products are available immediately through the Maponics Online Store.  Product options include:

ZIP+4 Database Premium Plus Centroids (Nationwide)
ZIP+4 Database Premium Plus Centroids (By State)
ZIP+4 Database Premium (Nationwide)

Don’t hesitate to give us a call with questions and post comments here.