API: School Attendance Zones

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In 2010, we began rolling out the only GIS data product to include individual school attendance zones—the areas around schools that define which households attend them—across a wide area in the United States.  While TIGER files from the Census Bureau include U.S. school district boundaries, only local school districts and administrative offices maintain the more detailed school attendance zone records.  We obtain and digitize school attendance zones (SAZs) from local sources and now have coverage for 70% of the U.S. student population.  Read more about our latest product release.

Recently, we added a part of the SAZ dataset to the Maponics Spatial API.  The SAZ dataset on the API allows requests that include a latitude and longitude coordinate pair. The API spatially determines the school/schools that those coordinates are within, and then return a list of attributes for related the school/schools.

Attributes returned include:

  • Maponics ID
  • NCES School District ID
  • NCES School ID
  • School Name
  • Level of education (P=Primary, M=Middle, H=High, O=Other- mixed grades)

For more about the public method that can be used against the SAZ dataset, see: getGeoAttByCoord.

The most common use case for this dataset is to simply pass one or more coordinates for residential properties to the API in order to obtain their associated public schools.  Of course, there are many more use cases.  To read about them and the features of the full dataset, visit our School Boundaries page.

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