Maponics Delivers Current School Attendance Zone Data

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Last week, we released our latest version of School Boundaries—a unique datasets that now includes school attendance zone boundaries for more than 65,000 public schools in 15,500 cities and towns across the U.S.  In addition to updating existing coverage to ensure it reflects the latest changes made at the local level, we expanded coverage in existing major metros.  One important update I wanted to call out was in San Francisco, CA.

While previous product releases included school district and school attendance zone (SAZ) boundaries for the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD), we knew from working with local school officials that they were planning a major overhaul at the SAZ level.  As a result, we’ve incorporated the entire set of changes (more than 100 SAZs) soon after they were announced.

The SFUSD educates half a million students in 170 schools.  For SFUSD, school attendance zones play an important part in determining how students are assigned to schools.  While in part of the district, a student application process is used, SFUSD uses their school attendance zones as a foundation to:

  • balance demographic diversity by school
  • ensure equitable access to educational opportunities
  • provide transparency to the student assignment process

This is just one example of how our team here at Maponics is on the case to ensure your data reflects the world around us.  Contact us to get a sample of our School Boundaries data.