Future of Local Mobile Advertising? Listen to the LBMA’s Interview with Maponics’ CEO

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We’re seeing big changes in the mobile ad space for 2012. Just what exactly? Well, check out the Location Based Marketing Association’s (LBMA) podcast this week. In it, Maponics CEO Darrin Clement shares his thoughts on geofencing, predictive polygons and tackling the next frontier of local mobile advertising.

Access the full episode here (Darrin starts at 32:12):

This Week In Location Based Marketing - Episode #59

If you haven’t tuned in to this podcast before, we highly recommend it. Rob Woodbridge and Asif Kahn excel at keeping those of us in location based marketing on top of the latest industry developments in a fun, casual way.

This month you’ll also hear a fair amount about Maponics – we’re sponsoring all January episodes. Listen to learn more about how targeting ads using predefined geofences (neighborhoods, shopping malls, college campuses, more) helps local mobile advertisers deliver more relevant ads.

Don’t have time to listen, but interested in predefined geofences for mobile marketing? Take advantage of the free 3 month API or data trial we’re offering LBMA listeners!