Maponics CEO Talks With The Kelsey Group On Future of Directories

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Peter Krasilovsky of the Kelsey Group spoke with Maponics CEO Darrin Clement yesterday about the future of directories in local search, and how location factors into their business model.  Maponics serves most of the largest online directory players by providing high-quality neighborhood and other geo data to power location-based searches.

One trend that directories – which have a fairly traditional business model – are obviously struggling with is how to incorporate discovery (i.e., mobile search, social media, and deals/coupons) into their model.  As Darrin says in the interview, many are simply bolting on features, when it might be more prudent to rebuild platforms from the ground up.  This reluctance to revamp is allowing newer players to claim more of the business.  In fact, the leaders in mobile search, social media, and coupons/deals are using Maponics data to do just that as they master the delivery of non-search based geo-relevant content.

Geofence data from Maponics includes predefined boundaries that represent the way real consumers think about the world. With them,  the entire search and discovery paradigm can reflect the on-the-ground geography familiar to consumers.  In addition to struggling with the discovery-side of the equation – many second tier directories are also flagging because they skip the geo step altogether, or rely on lower quality “free” geo data that is simply inadequate for professional grade applications.

You can read the BIA/Kelsey post here.