Maponics Now Offers Canadian FSA Boundaries and Detailed Canadian Postal Code Data

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We are excited to announce that Maponics now offers map-ready Canadian FSA boundaries and FSALDU postal code data.  If you provide local search results, target direct/mobile marketing or create sales territories for Canada, then this new data will improve your offering.

Unfamiliar with the Canadian postal system? FSA boundaries are similar to US  ZIP Code boundaries. FSALDUs are roughly approximate to US  ZIP+4s.

Canadian FSA Boundaries

If you already use boundary data from Maponics for Canada, these new FSA Boundaries are a natural (and powerful) addition. When coupled with our neighborhood, shopping, college campus and census boundaries, they create a seamless boundary geography set. With it, users can drill down from the macro to the micro-level, and view geography and information that makes sense to them.

This new FSA database includes the most accurate and comprehensive FSA boundaries available – covering all 1600+ Canadian FSAs across all provinces and territories, updated quarterly.  Interested in sample FSA Boundaries?  Request sample data here.  Or learn more about FSA Boundaries here.

Canadian Postal Codes Database

Want to pinpoint a user’s location down to the block level in Canada? Or serve hyper-relevant content based upon location-specific search queries for Canada?  This new Canadian Postal Codes database will let you do just that.

Similar to our US ZIP+4 codes database, this database contains FSALDUs for all of Canada, updated quarterly. With it you can display FSALDU points on web-based maps, attach a mappable point to addresses that include FSALDUs and much more.  Interested in sample Canadian Postal Codes?  Click here.  Or learn more about our Canadian Postal Codes Database.

Have questions about Canada-based project?  We’re happy to help you explore your options - email  or call us at 1-800-762-5158.

Canadian Postal Codes and FSA Boundaries are offered through a partnership with TomTom.