Nationwide Subdivision Boundaries Coverage Up 75% - Massive Expansion in CA, NY and Many Other States

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Today we are thrilled to announce that Maponics Subdivision Boundaries TM, the only nationwide subdivision boundaries dataset, has reached over 500,000 subdivisions. That’s a 75% increase since the end of last year! This expansion includes a 600% increase in the number of subdivisions for California. And comparable growth in New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maryland and several other states.

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Subdivisions represent the most granular level of geography in real estate comparison. They are even more local than neighborhoods. When you offer search, display, or analysis by subdivision, you empower people to cut through endless data and listings to make concrete decisions. You give them what they need to convert.

In the past, there was no practical option for companies looking for standardized subdivision boundary data for the entire US.  Which is why we took on the creation of a uniform, nationwide subdivision boundaries database last year.

Launched last June, Maponics Subdivision Boundaries now features 508,428 real estate subdivisions in the 692 most-populous counties across 46 states. Each record contains a name, boundary, alternate names (if applicable), and centroid. It also contains corresponding U.S. Census Bureau data, such as State and County, to facilitate easy tie-in with other data grouped by Census geography.

In addition to Subdivision Boundaries, Maponics offers a complete geo-stack of boundary geographies ideal for real estate applications like:  search & map display, trend & analysis reporting and automated valuation modeling. Many customers come to us for multiple datasets, including:

  • School Attendance Zones & School District Boundaries
  • Neighborhood Boundaries
  • ZIP Code Boundaries
  • Subdivision Boundaries

In fact, the Top 3 real estate websites, Zillow, and, all depend on Maponics data to boost their revenue. So do back-end real estate leaders Realtors Property ResourceTM (RPR) and Lender Processing Services (LPS).

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