Adding Relevancy Through Multiple Geofences

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The ClickZ  article, “Building Relevance With Geo-Fencing” , gives a great overview of the use of geofences in advertising with insightful examples of how businesses can and are using neighborhood, college campus and other boundaries to target customers on their mobile devices.  A future column promises to go into more detail on how geofences combined with behavioral data will be the next “biggest opportunity “ for companies using mobile advertising. Many of the leading companies in the GeoAdvertising and SoLoMo industries are expanding their targeting options by relying on multiple layers of Maponics data.  For example, neighborhood boundaries are being layered with both ZIP Code and college campus boundaries to provide more precise and socially relevant targeting for mobile marketing campaigns. Take the college student demographic – students who are on campus will have different service and product requirements than those student that are living off campus in a neighborhood or ZIP Code.  Knowing how people in your target market move through various relevant geofence layers (college campus, shopping boundaries, neighborhoods, etc.) is deeply insightful behavioral data, meaning better customer targeting. For a complete list of all our map boundary layers visit our GIS Map Data page. Looking for pricing for multiple geofence boundaries?  Contact us today and we will work with you to find the best combination of layers to meet your company needs.