Urban Airship's New Geotargeting Service Uses Maponics Data

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We want to share some great news with our readers for the start of October.  Urban Airship announced today the launch of a new service that advances the targeting options available to location based marketers.  As mentioned in today’s press release, Urban Airship’s Location Messaging Service was recently used with custom boundaries for a “major global sporting event” (London 2012 Takes Mobile Gold)  in which the clickthrough rate for the mobile push messages was ten times higher than standard email. Urban Airship's launch today builds on the Olympics’ success by providing precision geotargeting through the use of “real-world” geofences like Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries combined with a mobile users current and past location data, in-app behaviors and stated preferences.  Urban Airship has a clear understanding of mobile marketing needs and a strong commitment to provide location based marketers better ROI by improved communications with mobile consumers. We are excited about this application of our data and are pleased that Urban Airship is relying on Maponics to meet the complex needs of their customers. More details on Urban Airship's new service and use examples, can be found in the full press release:  Urban Airship Unveils New Location Messaging Service Bringing a New Level of Precision and Sophistication to Location-Based Marketing