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Here at Maponics, we’ve just released a new spatial data product that will transform and modernize the way that location-based advertising is done. As we mentioned in last week’s post, Urban Airship’s Location Messaging Service was incredibly successful in the use of custom boundaries at a recent major sporting event. Our new Destination & Venue Boundaries ™ product gives advertisers and marketers access to predefined geofences for stadiums, arenas, amusement parks, airports, golf courses,  speedways and more.  The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is just one example of a venue that is included in this new product release. Below, you can see the entire speedway, as well as associated parking areas, has been included within the geographical boundaries.  More importantly, you can see that areas that are not part of the speedway are not included within the geofence.  In comparison, a point and radius geofence would either miss key areas of the venue or include areas that are not part of the speedway itself.  We have created useful boundaries around these types of venues so that advertisers are able to target only the audience and not uninterested people in the surrounding area, greatly increasing the reach and effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. In conjunction with this product launch, we are offering a webinar on Thursday, October 25th from 2-3pm EST "Capture Your Real-time Audience with Event-based Geofencing”.  It’s a great way to learn more about this new product and what it can do for your company. We hope to see you there!