Give it Context: Taking Local to the Next Level

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Local is at a tipping point. From real estate, web and mobile applications to business analytics, companies want more relevant insight. And it all stems from consumers focusing more on local in all of their buying choices. We know this because we’ve been hearing it from customers. You’ve been asking for more insight into the areas Maponics already defines. After all, these real life geographies are where people go about their daily lives and make significant life decisions, such as where to shop, where to hang out and where to send their children to school. We've received many requests to provide insight into the character of these regions and help elevate your applications and analysis to a new level of local.  With the recent release of our newest product set, Context, we’re doing just that. Context is a comprehensive suite of measured and modeled analytics projected onto real life geographies and truly represents a leap forward for local insight. It gives you access to real estate analytics, demographics, school rankings and crime activity by neighborhood, school attendance zone, subdivision and more. And we’re not stopping there. Additional product releases for 2013 include new analytics in areas such as mobility, environment, leisure, site influence, and social and overall scores. It’s real life data applied to real life geographies. Looking at these meaningful geographies through the lens of relevant data, you get revolutionary insight into place, people and patterns. It's unprecedented, and it's what we're are calling "Data for Life." As our CEO, Darrin Clement said, "There's lots of insight from just knowing where something is, but with qualitative data on top of location data, insights multiply.” Stay tuned in the next few weeks for more details as they unfold. We’ll show you how Context saves you time, resources and headaches, and break out some uses cases and additional benefits.

And don’t just take our word for it, read more here: Michael Moshay Vice President Contextual Analytics Michael joined Maponics in September of 2012 as the Vice President Contextual Analytics and brings 25 years of experience leading master data management and data governance teams, including 17 years in the real estate information technology industry. At Maponics, Michael heads the company’s efforts to create rich context for our map data products. Read more about his role in the company here: