Are You Geofencing?

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This article shows how response rates are much higher if the search results (businesses) are closer to the searcher. It talks about simple radius-based goefences, which are fine as far as they go.


But as you know, predefined geofences (essentially, real-world polygons) are far more effective for striking that chord of familiarity with users. Marketers have long known (yes, even before geofencing was a term) that if given a choice between two equidistant stores, a consumer is far more likely to go to the one in the neighborhood they are already in and know well. 


Even better, by using specialty geofences like Shopping Boundaries, you can target larger shopping areas, even informal shopping zones. This expands your audience AND increases your response rates. See how Urban Airship has done this. Desirable and undesirable parts of towns don’t follow a radius, so why should your geofencing?