Augmented Reality is the New Black

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For me, Augmented Reality (AR) conjures up an image from the old "Predator" movie where we see the world from the Predator's perspective. The fact is Augmented Reality is coming and its all the buzz in marketing circles. Rima Katz of Mobile Marketer has written a few articles on this. Here is one I found interesting.


While we await Google Glass, and responses from Microsoft or Apple, the practical thing that we can prepare for as mobile marketeers is integration of AR into mobile apps. It's already here, and platform players like Wikitude and Layar are providing the conduit to mashup content with geography and real time imagery through your smartphone's camera.

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My prediction: AR will be a key component of most apps in the next 3 years, just as location information has become integral. Before we know it, it will be the norm for mobile apps to be enhanced by AR that is informed by the invisible lines that define shopping malls, college campuses, unique neighborhoods, and special venue boundaries. And this, just as you were starting to think about how to launch your own company's mobile strategy. In fact, 55% of companies surveyed by Marketing Sherpa* lack an effective mobile strategy. Well, the time to begin considering this technology is now. If your business relies on geography, my bet is you can create a real differentiation strategy over your competition by embracing AR as an early adopter. *©2012 MarketingSherpa Mobile Marketing Benchmark Survey