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I was a little surprised to see an email from Slideshare today letting me know that one of the Maponics presentations from more than 18 months ago is currently one of the most popular presentations across all of LinkedIn. But it's actually not very surprising, because a year ago there were far fewer people talking about geofencing, and we were one of the only people at the time who were producing the data that made geofencing possible. Nowadays, it's much more common to meet advertisers, retailers, travel and leisure marketers, folks in the real estate space, and everyone from the auto industry to the Foursquares of the World, who now consider geofencing to be a mandatory part of their strategy, rather than an optional one. If you have a moment, flip through the presentation and let us know what you think! How geofences enable better mobile ad targeting from Maponics

Mike Villarreal is a product manager at Maponics