Washington, DC: The Fifth Most Walkable US City

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If you live in one of the Top 10 Most Walkable US Cities, chances are you understand the benefits of living in a walkable town. For example, your promenades are probably safer and more comfortable than those in other metro regions, making it enticing to commute on foot, or to stroll downtown to enjoy the nightlife. And when heading out for entertainment - to museums, restaurants and parks - you likely face fewer busy intersections to cross. Our nation's capital falls fifth on this list of pedestrian-friendly urban centers. The Walkability™ of Washington, DC, was recently highlighted on The Washington Post's Where We Live blog. In the Town Square entry from August 2013, Michele Lerner writes:

The District, rated 4.91 on a scale of 1 to 5, is fifth on the list of most walkable cities, behind New York City, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Seattle. The three neighborhoods within the District that earn the highest walkability scores include Dupont Circle (5.00), Downtown-Chinatown-Penn Quarter (4.9) and Logan Circle-Shaw (4.9).



Lerner points out that Maponics' Walkability takes more factors into account than does Walk Score, such as speed limits, intersection complexity and accessibility to points of interest.


Along with Baltimore (no. 10 on the list), Washington is the southernmost of the country's most walkable cities. For a list of the rankings, see the full post on America's most walkable cities. In addition to Walkability, the ratings also used Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries to home in on which particular neighborhoods within these metro regions were the most amenable to walkers. Walkability is part of Maponics' Context product family, which syncs lifestyle and behavioral data with real-life geographies.