Apartment Search by Neighborhood: Why Renters Need it

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We're usually told that when looking for a new home, buying is better for your budget than renting. But whether that's true for you depends on your phase of life, your short- and long-term plans and your overall financial situation. It also depends on where you make your perch; as this article on shares, certain cities are better bets for renting than buying (New York and Boston are at the top of that list).


If you do decide to rent, how do you find the right apartment? Of course, size, number of bedrooms, the pet policy and other specs matter a great deal - but so does the neighborhood it lies in.

What Makes a Neighborhood?

It's tough to define "neighborhood," as we explore in this blog post: What Is a Neighborhood? But from a renter's perspective, picking a neighborhood means choosing what you want around...

  • Schools
  • Crime levels
  • Dining and nightlife
  • Walkability
  • Commuting - traffic, public transit and bikability

RentHop's Apartment Search by Neighborhood

RentHop, an apartment search marketplace currently serving New York City, Boston and Chicago, now uses Maponics data to provide better-targeted information to renters looking to find a place in a specific neighborhood. For example, if a renter selects an apartment in Yorkville, a neighborhood within the Upper East Side, RentHop uses Maponics data to return detailed content relating to Yorkville specifically, as opposed to the Upper East Side generally. RentHop's algorithm ensures that renters see the best and most relevant listings for their desired neighborhoods.


RentHop joins other Maponics customers who are using our Neighborhood Boundaries to deliver accurate, helpful search results to apartment seekers, including Zillow, Trulia, and Maponics Neighborhoods help renters find the right spot for them.