Where the Boys (and Girls) Are: NYC Neighborhoods

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The rental listings site and Maponics customer Zumper has access to data points that are often interesting to the average consumer. The infographic below is an example: Zumper created this map of which neighborhoods in New York City attracted men and women moving to a new rental the summer of 2013.


Apparently women particularly liked Brooklyn Heights, Greenpoint, Hell's Kitchen and the Upper West Side. Men, on the other hand, gravitated more toward Long Island City, Greenwich Village and Tribeca. The sexes were equal in their selection of Williamsburg, the Lower East Side and the Garment District. The infographic suggests that New Yorkers might look for an apartment or house to rent based on the neighborhood. Different neighborhoods offer unique places to eat, socialize and take in culture. Crime rates and housing prices often vary among neighborhoods, too - as well as their levels of walkability. Maponics Context™, our suite of lifestyle and behavioral analytics, can be projected onto our Neighborhood Boundaries (among other real-life geographies) to provide statistics on the details of life in a particular neighborhood. For this example, it would be fascinating to use Maponics lifestyle and behavioral data to help determine what might appeal to one sex more than the other.