"Unlocking the Local Web" - Street Fight Summit 2013

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Optimizing Hyperlocal Marketing with Location Data

Brent Hieggelke, CMO of Urban Airship, delivered a particularly interesting keynote titled "Putting Location Into Context."


Hieggelke said that marketing today is all about mobile - he called it the “mobile majority.” He said that time spent on mobile devices is now just about equal to time spent on TV, and that in the next year or two, time on mobile will surpass time on TV. In this new world of mobile dominance, apps reign. A whopping 80% of consumer time is spent in apps. And it’s great for conversions, too: 65% of shoppers who use their device in a store said it made them more likely to buy that store's products.


Location data is the key to unlocking the potential of apps for marketers - which is why more than half of Fortune 500 companies are implementing location-based service strategies. With location-based data, marketers have access to the real-life movements of millions of customers. As long as marketers use that information to serve up “content that delights the user” and it doesn't feel like marketing, then they have an unprecedented opportunity to connect with their audience. In the future, marketers can use micro-location to customize a consumer's experience:

  • As a ballgame patron approaches the ticket stand, his ticket pops up on the screen for easy scanning.
  • As he heads into the stand, a map to his seat beeps on his screen, making it easy to get settled.
  • Once he gets to his seat, he receives an offer - and maybe a discount - for concessions.

Geofencing technology combined with carefully crafted mobile messaging can bring this marketing fantasy to life.

Maponics Geofencing Products

Maponics offers a range of geofencing products that help marketers precisely target consumers. Destination & Venue Boundaries, Shopping Boundaries and College Campus Boundaries all enable geoadvertising and mobile messaging where large crowds gather for leisure and entertainment. Truly, all of our GIS boundaries are a form of geofences - which opens up a world (a well-mapped world) of possibilities for social, local and mobile messaging.

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