5 Delicious Place Pin Boards on Pinterest

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Pinterest's new Place Pin feature enables users to lay out their Foursquare check-ins on a Pinterest board, creating an online map enhanced by imagery from pinned locations. Place boards help Pinners create visual guides to their favorite travels, document a recent trip or tell a story with a map - all of which they can share with friends and access on iPhones and Android devices. Pinterest has added a field for addresses and phone numbers of pinned locations, helping users make their way to pinned spots in real life.

Celebrating Travel with Culinary Place Pin Boards

You don't have to be a foodie to appreciate Pinterest's food-worhsipping Place Pin boards. Photos of rich hot chocolate, freshly made artisanal pizzas or juicy burgers with hand-cut fries - what's not to love? Here are 5 Pinterest Pin Maps that make us want to hop in the car and zoom to the nearest eatery.

National Treasure: The Great American BBQ

Great American BBQ by Andrew Zimmern


Because Cocoa Is Medicinal: America's Best Hot Chocolate

America's Best Hot Chocolate by Fodor's


Restaurants in the Big Apple: Angie Eats New York City

Angie Eats New York City by Jeremy and Angie @ Living the Dream


From Napa Valley to Sonoma: California Wine Country

Wine Country by Jon Parise


Did Someone Say Bacon? Chicago Pork & Whiskey Tour

A Chicago Pork & Whiskey Tour by Thrillist


Much like social mapping with CityMaps, Pinterest's Place Pin boards offer a way for the average consumer to experience the fun of digital mapping. Check out other innovations in mapping and GIS with our Cool Ideas and Sites blog category.