8 Reasons Maponics Is the School Data Leader

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In 2010, Maponics became the first to offer school attendance zone coverage through our School Boundaries dataset.


Why Do Accurate School Boundaries Matter?

Schools are a core part of our communities and our lives, and decisions relating to their location are critical for consumers.

  • School Performance. Parents want to avoid purchasing a home that is serviced by a lower-performing public school. Filtering their property search by school attendance zone can deliver performance information at the beginning of the home buying process.
  • Property Values. Homes that are associated with higher-performing schools hold their value more successfully than homes serviced by lower-performing schools. Of course, this is important for families with kids. But even many singles and couples, or empty nesters, seek a home with a better school because it can be a smarter investment.

Here are 8 reasons Maponics has been the industry leader in school data for over three years.

1. Experts in Geospatial Boundaries

Maponics has over 150 staff-years' experience building and managing boundary data, including School Boundaries, Neighborhood Boundaries, ZIP Code Boundaries, and many more.

2. Self-Sourced Data Means Higher Quality

We source school data directly through our in-house Data Acquisition department, which means we vet sources ourselves and can vouch for their quality.

3. Experts in School Data

Maponics reaches out every year to over 10,000 school districts (and growing) to obtain, understand and normalize districts' most current geographic data. Because we built our School Boundaries product from the ground up, we have intimate knowledge of school data on the district, state and federal levels.


4. Key Customers Include Top Real Estate Websites

70% of the top real estate websites choose Maponics for their school data needs, including Zillow, Trulia,, GreatSchools and Redfin.


5. Highest School Attendance Zone Coverage

Maponics has the highest school attendance zone coverage: our School Boundaries product covers 82% of the US student population and 85% of the US high school population. We also have 100% coverage of students at the school district level.

6. Continuous and Rolling Data Updates

Maponics updates district and school data on a continuous rolling schedule, based on our accumulated knowledge of the timing of district updates.

7. Easily Synced with Context, Our Lifestyle and Behavior Analytics

Maponics School Boundaries, including both school districts and school attendance zones, are easily synced with 12 of our Context™ datasets of lifestyle and behavior analytics, including School Rankings, Walkability™, Demographics and 9 others.


8. Manually Placed School Points, Not Geocoded

We manually place public and private school locations at the rooftop level of each school.

Learn More About Maponics School Boundaries

Realty sites increasingly understand that consumers need accurate, reliable school data to inform their home buying choices. Maponics School Boundaries product is designed to meet that need exceptionally well. To learn more about Maponics School Boundaries, contact us today.