3 Fun Holiday Maps

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Is there no end to the data that can be represented visually on a map? Apparently not - which means, this time of year, some fun holiday-related maps.

Dreaming of a White Christmas?

If you're dreaming of a white christmas, check out this map from the National Climatic Data Center showing which US regions can expect at least 1 inch of snow on Christmas day.


This map was based on data from the 1981–2010 Climate Normals dataset. Maponics also used this dataset for our Context Weather Scores product, the first climate data model to reflect weather at the neighborhood level.

Trulia Finds Santa-Friendly Homes

We all know Santa Claus delivers presents by shimmying down the chimney. But homes in many parts of the country don't often feature chimneys, making it tough for Santa to visit (at least, the old-fashioned way). If you're in the market for a new home and want to provide easy access for Old St. Nick, check out the areas below.


We did promise you 3 maps, however, so let's take a look at another Trulia map. Not everyone celebrates Christmas, of course; this map reveals which US metros have the highest proportions of Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists.


Because the holidays mean more than just Christmas, let's see a map that honors traditions from Hanukkah and Kwanzaa as well.

Smithsonian Folkways Map of Holiday Music

Using a sampling of audio tracks from the Smithsonian Folkways Recordings (the nonprofit record label of the Smithsonian Institution), this map features place points and audio tracks of holiday folk music from 24 nations around the world.


The Smithsonian Folkways map gently reminds us that the holidays are about more than Black Friday deals and last-minute shopping. Happy Holidays, everyone!