Top 10 Most Affordable Neighborhoods with the Best Schools - Methodology

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To help home buyers find affordable homes with great public high schools, we used Maponics data to create a list of the Top 10 U.S. neighborhoods in the country's largest metro regions with the most affordable housing and some of the country's best public high schools. We also chose neighborhoods that had either very low or moderate crime scores. See the list of Top 10 Most Affordable Neighborhoods with the Best Public Schools. Top 10: We selected the Top 10 U.S. metros based on population. (Because New York City has school choice, we excluded it from our results.) Neighborhoods: We then identified the neighborhoods in those cities using our Neighborhood Boundaries product, and mapped school attendance zones to those neighborhoods with our School Boundaries product. Most Affordable: "Median home price" represents the median price for a single-family house between 1,400 and 2,500 square feet (depending on the neighborhood) based on Maponics Real Estate Sales data. Maponics Real Estate Sales are derived from public records and provide quarterly analytics of sales trends, average sales prices, mortgage metrics and other sales analytics. Affordability is based on publicly available Census data (median family income and median home value) and's affordability calculator. Best Schools: "Best schools" are defined as being public schools in the 70th percentile based on Maponics Context School Rankings dataset, then sorted by the state school ranking. Context School Rankings provide statewide school performance rankings, average math and reading test scores, historical rankings and school profiles. Crime Scores: We used Maponics Crime Scores data to ensure that none of the chosen neighborhoods had a high crime score. Built with data sourced from FBI crime statistics, point crime data and multiple demographic sources, Context Crime Scores reveal crime levels of a particular geography weighted against the national average. Maponics Context Crime Scores are built from 3 components: Property safety, including vandalism and theft; Personal safety, including assaults, murder and other violent crime; and Overall safety, a composite of Property and Personal scores - with 1 being Very Low and 10 being Very High. We applied the Overall Crime Scores to the Top 10 Most Affordable Neighborhoods with the Best Schools. If you have questions about our methodology in compiling the Top 10 Most Affordable Neighborhoods with the Best Schools, please contact