Analyzing Restaurant and Nightlife Data with Context Dining & Nightlife Scores

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Maponics has released its newest addition to the Context™ product suite: Dining & Nightlife Scores. This dataset provides a snapshot of how easy it is to reach restaurants, bars and clubs within a Maponics boundary, such as a neighborhood. Maponics has done all the “heavy lifting” of calculating all the possible driving routes to five types of dining and nightlife points of interest (POIs):

  • Fine Dining
  • Family Dining
  • Fast Food
  • Bars
  • Clubs

How Dining & Nightlife Scores Works

To generate Dining & Nightlife Scores, Maponics analyzed national POI data for restaurants, nightclubs and bars and mapped them onto a street network, deriving dozens of various routes a driver could take to reach these POIs. Each score represents accessibility to POIs by driving from an origin point within a boundary. Scores range from 0.0 to 5.0 - with 5.0 being the highest, most accessible score. Scores were calculated by:

  • finding population densities within each boundary and then deriving origin points for route calculations within them,
  • looking at all available POIs within a maximum distance of 15 minutes' driving time from those origin points and
  • taking into account the effect of the road types, road classifications and speed limits.

Once scores were calculated for every boundary, we created a national score - so a score of 4.5 in New York City equals a 4.5 for San Francisco.

Who Can Use Dining & Nightlife Scores

Dining & Nightlife Scores helps consumers understand which neighborhoods have the most access to restaurants, bars and clubs, suggesting the best places to look for a property if they're looking for a vibrant home base. Dining & Nightlife Scores is also helpful for investors: Studies show that properties that are closer to POIs, such as restaurants, often hold their value more successfully than those farther from POIs, making those properties a potentially more sound investment.


Dining & Nightlife - Valuable Addition to Context Product Family

When combined with Context Demographics, Context PRIZM, Context Walkability™ and the other datasets within the Context suite, Dining & Nightlife is a valuable tool that helps the real estate industry, social media applications, direct marketing firms and many others leverage the benefits of highly granular, descriptive data.

“Dining & Nightlife is one more component in building a comprehensive picture of what is happening in a particular area,” said Mike Villarreal, Maponics Context Product Manager. “It gives the true ‘flavor’ of a neighborhood.”

To learn more about Context Dining & Nightlife Scores, get in touch.