Direct Marketing in the Real Estate Industry: Carrier Route Boundaries and Context™ Data

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Carrier Route Boundaries and EDDM

DA Media, a marketing and advertising firm that specializes in direct mail messaging at the carrier route level, uses Maponics Carrier Route Boundaries with the US Postal Service's Every Door Direct Mail program.


Using EDDM with Carrier Route Boundaries allows DA Media to save time and money for their customers:

  • Bundling solo mail by carrier route saves customers about 40% in postage costs.
  • Using a carrier route means they don't need to rent a mailing list, which is one less expense.
  • Because they use carrier route boundaries and EDDM, they can send their pieces by Priority Mail. Using Priority Mail means they have greater control over in-home delivery dates, shaving off 4-6 days from standard mailings and reaching homes at the right time for time-sensitive offers.

Context Demographics and Real Estate Data

DA Media also licenses Maponics Context Demographics, which aggregates US Census and American Community Survey (ACS) data and projects it onto Maponics boundaries. Context Demographics reveal over 280 data attributes in 19 categories, including population, age, household income, employment and so on. In addition, DA Media uses Maponics Context Real Estate Inventory and Real Estate Sales. These datasets help DA Media customers learn how many homes have sold recently, what their prices were and their amenities and features.


Maponics Data Gets "Extremely Good" Reaction from DA Media Customers

DA Media's real estate customers are thrilled to be able to pinpoint the right kind of home owner with an inexpensive and highly effective direct mail program. Allan Nicholson of DA Media explains why his company chooses Maponics data:

"It provides the ability to marry conventional demographic criteria (income, home value, etc.) with home ownership, rent/own, multi and single family percentages, and most particularly sales data on the route level."

Nicholson also touts the data's update schedule:

"Another big advantage is the quarterly update that provides us with the ability to track and adapt to changes in home values and sales for real estate, for example, to help our clients adjust to economic and seasonal changes in the market."

Learn More About Direct Marketing for the Real Estate Industry

To learn more about Maponics Carrier Route Boundaries or any of our Context products, contact us today.