Maponics’ Geofences Drive Mobile Engagement in Europe

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As they flock to football matches, Coldplay concerts, and Formula One grands prix, Europeans are bringing along more than just their signature enthusiasm. These days, they’re toting mobile devices, too.

According to we are social, consumers from London to Athens have embraced the use of smartphones and tablets:

  • Europe has 17.2% of the global market share of mobile users, with 78% of Europe’s total population using mobile technology
  • 26% of Europe’s total population accesses social media on their mobile device

What does this mean for mobile app developers, mobile marketers, and social media platforms? Quite simply: there is a rich opportunity for engagement with European consumers through mobile devices.

And where such opportunity exists, so does the need for location data.

Maponics Destination & Venue Boundaries in Europe

Maponics Destination & Venue boundaries, which are part of the Social Places™ dataset, are ready-to-map geofences that include over 5,000 sports stadiums, arenas, golf courses, airports, casinos, and more across the US, Canada, and Europe.

The geofences in Maponics Social Places are predefined rather than point and radius – which means they define the entire venue, including parking lots and feeder roads, and omit unrelated parking lots, roads, and businesses. With Maponics’ geofences, mobile marketers can target consumers who are ready and willing to take advantage of special offers.

With such a high population of mobile users, the Old Country is fertile ground for location-based marketing, advertising, and social media.

Unique Product Features

Local Languages

With the array of languages spoken in Europe, we needed to be careful about the native names for stadiums and arenas. For many stadiums, we included up to four versions of the venue name in the dataset.

Given its prevalence in Europe, all train stations served by high-speed rail are captured in this dataset.

Formula One

Maponics Destination & Venue boundaries also include the biggest F1 circuits throughout the EU.

Learn More About Maponics Social Places

Our Destination & Venue geofences cover fifteen countries in Europe: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

To learn how Maponics Social Places can help your business engage with European consumers, contact us.