How Utilities Benefit from Maponics ZIP+4 Location Data

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When Louisville Gas and Electric Company and Kentucky Utilities Company (LG&E and KU) needed to clean up their address records, they turned to Maponics data for the job. With Maponics ZIP+4 Database and appended School Boundaries and U.S. Census boundaries, the utilities were able to groom their addresses for maximum accuracy using just one vendor.

LG&E and KU are responsible for collecting and remitting a school tax for the counties they serve in Kentucky. Because the tax varies by school district, the utilities need an accurate way to automatically assign a school district to each 9-digit ZIP Code in their database. Maponics’ data was up to the task, unlike data from another company they used, which only gave the corresponding county and not the school district.

In the same vein, for several counties in Virginia, LG&E and KU need to collect consumption and utility taxes – again, based on the particular city in which the ZIP Code falls. Appending Maponics Census Places to Maponics ZIP+4 allows the utilities to accurately assign tax based on the address and remit to the proper agency.

Louisville Gas and Electric Company and Kentucky Utilities Company are regulated utilities that serve a total of 1.2 million customers and rank among the best companies for customer service in the US. Image credit: LG&E and KU

Recently, cities in Kentucky have adopted the use of franchise fees, adding another layer of complexity to the utilities’ billing process. Because of their success using Maponics School Boundaries and Census boundaries with the Maponics ZIP+4 product, LG&E and KU were pleased to use Maponics’ data again. Mike Wickline, Data Integrity Manager at LG&E and KU, says,

“When we started exploring what we could use for the franchise fee in the Louisville area, we decided that given the success we’d had on the cleanup of school districts using Maponics GIS data, we felt confident using Maponics for the franchise fee. We have one product and we can communicate with just one vendor. So far it’s been a great relationship.”

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