Tuesday’s Term of the Week: GEOSPATIAL

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As you can imagine, as a spatial data company we use the phrase “geospatial” quite a bit.   After all, providing the market with geospatial data – defined as data associated with a particular location – is the core of what we do.  While those unfamiliar with the term itself may not be chatting about it as much as we do here at Maponics, they are increasingly using and interacting with geospatial data on a daily basis, whether they realize it or not.

As a collective group, those of us involved in the geospatial world have seen significant change over the past few years. The Internet, mobile devices and the explosion of location-based services put everyone directly into contact with location information on a daily basis.  Suddenly, people everywhere are beginning to understand and appreciate the presence of, and need for, geospatial data.

  • Using geospatial data for business intelligence has become a top priority for organizations across all industries seeking location-based insight to improve performance management and seek competitive advantages
  • Geospatial data supports a wide range of services and policy decisions in local government and is vital to solving social and environmental problems worldwide.
  • Military, law enforcement and first responders’ ability to assess and address a situation has improved dramatically with advances in sharing geospatial information

All this to say, location matters!  Decision-makers in both governments and businesses are using geospatial data, technology, and services to address some of the major priorities of our governments, our businesses, our lives, and the world around us and we couldn’t be more excited.