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Time is valuable for us all. In today’s economy, wasted time is equal to wasted money, and that is why it is so important to take advantage of any tools available to save time for the company and for the customer. Workforce Schedule Optimization is just such a tool. Using location analytics, it allows a business to staff appropriately so that more staff is available when there are more customers to serve, and it allows management to do this scheduling more quickly with efficient software. This is applicable particularly in retail environments but also in labor markets who have to meet government and union regulations, as well as customer demand, when scheduling employees.

Additionally, companies (such as telecommunications and utility companies) who dispatch technicians to customer homes need to know which technician is most readily available to reach that destination, while limiting drive times and utilizing open space in technician schedules. It is then vitally important to have up to date location monitoring on all available employees to best serve the customer and to save on payroll costs. This is an advantage afforded by modern mapping systems, allowing for real-time updates on technician locations in relation to the customer address.

Today’s Workforce Optimization tools, utilizing location analytics and mapping techniques, boosts productivity, limits wasted resources, and optimizes staff usage. All of these things boost profit and growth by recognizing the value of time.