Vermont Governor Attends Maponics Technology Event

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On Friday, May 8, Maponics held a technology open house, welcoming state and local media professionals and government officials, including Vermont governor, Peter Shumlin.

Guests enjoyed local fare while attending a variety of demonstrations providing a behind-the-scenes look at the innovative products and services Maponics offers. Demonstrations spanned topics from optimizing data collection to a check-in and check-out production tool, to the company’s Germinator application, which aids staff in building, validating and reviewing polygon point data at an unprecedented rate. Additional presentations detailed the uses and benefits of Maponics product offerings, including a presentation on the mechanics behind creating new polygonal features for Maponics School Ground Boundaries, a second presentation on automatic generation of school boundaries; and a presentation about integrating Maponics data for mobile applications.

During the event, Maponics CEO, Dan Adams, discussed the company's growth, touching upon both product and staffing expansion. Adams explained that in the last few months, the company has created a number of new products, all of which will be available to the market by Q3 of this year. 

“With really ingenious and creative people coming together to make products that are useful worldwide and will change the world as we go forward, Maponics is another great example of why the state of Vermont has such a bright economic future,” governor Shumlin said during his visit.